Program Name
Short or call-nameProNam
Recommended forExperts, All Users
Language(s)English, German, French
LicenceGNU General Public License
Developer(s)Developer Inc.
System Demand(s)Flash Player, Mac OS X
Supported Files.gif, .wav, .avi
Andvance of tools (From 1 to 10)7
Difficulty of use (From 1 to 10)5
LinkThe very very smart and free! program
Free Programs GuideGuide:Infobox pictureedit

This template can be used to fast and easy describe a picture Editing Program. Paste;

{{Infobox pictureedit 
|name = 
|logo = 
|short =
|recommended = 
|language = 
|licence = 
|developer = 
|version = 
|example_pic = 
|system_demand = 
|supported_files = 
|advance = 
|difficulty = 
|link = 
|guide =

, In the top of your Picture Editing Program article.


Name: The name of the free program.

Logo: If the program has a logo, upload and insert here.

Short: If the program has a short (like Photoshop CS3 is called PSCS3) or a call-name.

Recommended: This states who this program is recommended for (Beginners, Trained, Experts or All Users), remember to insert the recommended for in [[ ]] (as links) and if there’s more than one separate by “,” (Comma).

Language: The language of the program, if the program has several languages separate these by “,” (comma).

Licence: The licence of the program (copyright, GNU etc.).

Developer: The developer(s) for this program, insert this in [[ ]] (Link), if there’s more than one separate these by “,” (Comma).

Version: The (newest) version of the program.

Example-pic: Insert an example of the user interface here.

System_demand: The system demands for this program (Software, operation system etc.), or if it’s a Online Program insert the plugging (Flash Player, Javascript etc.).

Supported_files: The supported files of the program, insert these in [[ ]] (as links) and separate by “,” (Comma).

Advance: The advance of the program, defined by a number from 1 – 10 (where 1 is the most simple features, and 10 more advanced features.).

Difficulty: The difficulty of use, defined by a number from 1 – 10 (Where 1 is the most simple and easiest program, and 10 a very difficult program)

Link: Link to the download page or use page.

Guide: Link to a Free Programs Guide (Guide:<program name>).