Balls of Steel is a Channel 4 comedy series developed by Objective Productions and is hosted by Mark Dolan. His special guests perform stunts, holding their nerve during hidden camera set-ups in the presence of celebrities or the British public.


You are only able to watch 72 minutes of free video and then you’d have to wait 52 minutes to watch again.

Season 1Edit

The first episode of Balls of Steel was released on August 19 2005.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3 Prank TV's Miss Lee interviews famous artists with a cock-microphone, Neg’s Urban Sports presents “Urban Sprintin

Episode 4 Alex Zane presents his Lying Game, The Militant Black Guy screws up life for white people, The Naked Man, Prank TV gets into trubble, The Man Tester goes to a pub and Randy Cambell gets blown out of a canon.

Episode 5 The Anoying Devil anoys people, The Bonny Boiler, The Pain Men tests the many dangers of a kitchen, Alex Zanes Sex Contract Game, Negs Urban Sport for this week is "Make Them Move!" and The Worlds Worst bar man.

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